Cyberseguridad, ante todo

Las estadísticas de ataques cibernéticos se incrementa a diario, ransomware infecta equipos silenciosamente y los responsables de seguridad no pueden detectarlos con sus múltiples proveedores y soluciones, haciendo cada vez más complejo la protección de sus organizaciones. En este webinar presentaremos la estrategia de Seguridad que tenemos para usted.



Juan Marino es responsable de Ciberseguridad en Cisco cono sur. Se ha desempeñado en la compañía por 15 años como especialista de Networking y Seguridad. Actualmente se enfoca en posicionar soluciones haciendo un abordaje consultivo siguiendo la filosofía de la seguridad como habilitador clave de la digitalización del negocio.



Saiba como tornar a sua empresa e seus negócios salvos das ameaças cibernéticas

O aumento da mobilidade e flexibilidade no local de trabalho reduziu custos e aumentou a produtividade, a inovação e a independência, mas isso tem um preço. As empresas não estão mais protegidas por trás do firewall ou gateway de segurança da Web. Como a nuvem está se tornando comum rapidamente, as soluções de segurança de rede precisam se adaptar.



Fernando Zamai é engenheiro elétrico com especialização em computadores formado pela Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial (FEI). Ele tem mais de 18 anos de experiência em TI, especialmente nas áreas de segurança cibernética, data center e redes de computadores. Atualmente, ele trabalha como líder na divisão Advanced Threat Solutions (ATS) da Cisco Systems do Brasil. Instrutor e palestrante de diversos temas relacionados ao Cyber ​​Security e analista de malware nas horas abertas.

Multiply the Impact of Your Security Team with Managed Security Services

If you are responsible for network security, your job is getting harder. Malware is getting more sophisticated, new cloud services challenge security protocols and adversaries are exploiting undefended gaps in security. Lack of security personnel may be preventing you from implementing new cyber capabilities.

This is a lot for IT teams to manage. But you don’t have to do it by yourself. To stretch resources and strengthen defenses, organizations are stepping up their reliance on outsourcing. How can these services help you improve your protection? Cisco Managed Security Services makes your operations more efficient and gives you time to focus on strategic projects. Your organization is safer with services that identify and mitigate threats at lighting speed.

Security doesn’t have to be do-it-yourself. Watch this on-demand webinar and learn what Cisco Managed Security Services can do for you.


Matt Rodgers
Cyber Security Product Management
and Marketing Executive


Sara Matzek
Sr Manager,
Managed Security Services



Steps to CDM Success

Did you know that your existing Cisco Security investment is already on the CDM Approved Products list? Join us to discuss how your existing investment in Cisco can meet CDM and FISMA requirements. We will also take you through a review of CDM and NIST requirements. Learn where to go for information on reporting and interoperability, and know who can help.


Steve Vetter
Senior Strategic Solution Executive and Federal Strategist
Cisco Security
  Nicholas Zeranski
Systems Engineer
Cisco Security

Zero Trust on a Beer Budget

Join Dr. Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst, with Forrester Research outline how to adopt a Zero Trust Model and Jeff Fawcett, Consulting Principal Director, with Cisco outline the five principles for measuring it.


  • Dr. Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Jeff Fawcett, Consulting Principal Director, Cisco Systems

Cryptomining: Defending Against the Digital Gold Rush

Cryptomining: Defending Against the Digital Gold Rush Cryptomining has exploded in popularity, but users trying to cash in on this digital gold rush may not be aware of the company they keep. For security professionals everywhere, cryptomining poses serious threats to your network. In this free on-demand webinar, our experts will analyze the latest trends from threat researchers and provide practical security measures you can take to defend your organization.


Sean Mason
Director of Incident Response
Cisco Security
  TK Keanini
Distinguished Engineer &
Product Line CTO for Analytics

Cisco Security

Build a Better Incident Response Program

Cisco Incident Response Services experts Sean Mason and Danielle Sermer have seen organizations stumble when it comes to responding to nearly every type of incident.

In this on-demand webinar, they will explain how the market has shifted away from a reactive-only stance towards incidents and why incident response services and their proactive component need to be a critical part of every security strategy.

Sean will explore the Who, What, Where, Why, and How when it comes to Cisco’s Incident Response Services.

Danielle will dive into case studies that demonstrate how customers’ programs have been used to improve organizations’ overall security.

In this on-demand webinar, you will:
• Gain insight into the ever-changing Incident Response landscape
• Get an understanding of how Cisco Incident Response services helps organizations
• Understand proactive services you should be leveraging to be better prepared and more resilient in the event of a data breach or other incident.



Sean Mason
Director Incident Response Services at Cisco



Danielle Sermer
Services Account Manager at Cisco


Better Manage Cyber Risk with Cybersecurity and Insurance

Cyber risk is a concern for organizations, with malware top of mind. We also know that decisive action is needed in the face of this risk. Cisco and insurance leader Allianz  bring together the key pieces needed to manage cyber risk: security technology, secure devices, cybersecurity domain expertise and enhanced cyber insurance. Working together, these elements can improve security and reduce cyber risk. In this on-demand webinar we discussed how better security postures can yield enhanced cyber insurance coverage, unique to Cisco customers.


  • Jenny SoubraU.S. Cyber and Tech E&O Practice Leader; Allianz
  • Stephanie Snyder, Cyber Insurance Lead, Aon Professional Risk Solutions
  • Dan Gould, Portfolio Manager, Cisco Security

Ransomware Defense: The Threat is Real

Ransomware continues to be one of the most important security concerns today. CBS News reported that global losses from the "WannaCry" attack alone reached into billions of dollars, making it one of the most damaging examples. The threat is real.

Do you know how ransomware gets in? Hackers typically trick employees through email and web browsing into unintentionally downloading and spreading it, but there’s a lot more to the story. Get prepared to defend against today’s ransomware threat. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the latest ransomware developments and offer expert advice on where you should focus to protection your organization. In this on-demand weinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the main attack vectors that enable ransomware attacks to succeed
  • Extend your key security controls beyond patching and backup/restore capabilities
  • Protect your network from the DNS layer to email to the endpoint with Cisco Ransomware Defense

Don’t let ransomware disrupt your organization.  Learn how you can strengthen your defenses with detection, visibility, and intelligence. Download now.



Steve Caimi
Cybersecurity Professional



Scott Dunkerley
Global Director of Email and Web Security Sales


Securing the Cloud and Your Digital Future in AWS

As more organizations move services and applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS), they still need to ensure their workloads are secure and compliant. More importantly, they need a way to satisfy security requirements without jeopardizing the business benefits of using cloud infrastructure.

Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud provides automatic threat detection and visualization related to AWS and other cloud infrastructures using advanced modeling and machine learning techniques. It enables turn-key activation for customers using AWS and delivers actionable security alerts without generating security-related noise.

Download this webinar to learn about:

  • The need to secure cloud workloads
  • How AWS enables good security but requires customers to do their part
  • How Stealthwatch Cloud complements AWS security, without jeopardizing the benefits of the cloud
  • How to secure your AWS workloads today



Bryan Doerr
Product Manager


Agency Responsibilities When Adopting Cloud Services in the Current Threat Environment

In this on-deand webinar Ron will explain the key risks inherent in the ongoing use of productivity, file storage and collaboration cloud services, the agency and service provider responsibilities, and how Cisco Cloudlock (with FedRAMP ATO) can enable secure cloud service adoption by protecting user accounts and data.



Ron Zalkind
Head of Innovation, Cloud Security, Cisco

Ron Zalkind is the Head of Innovation for Cisco Cloud Security, and the former CTO of CloudLock. Prior to founding Cloudlock, Zalkind was Director of Product Management at Interwise (acquired by AT&T), and held varied Engineering Management positions in private and military sectors such as the Israeli Air Force Software Development unit, where he worked on the development of mission critical intelligence systems. Zalkind has over 20 years of experience building complex software systems and product platforms.  


Encrypted Traffic Analytics: Detecting Malware without Decryption

Learn how Cisco is changing the equation with Encrypted Traffic Analytics. This new solution combines advanced machine-learning from Stealthwatch Enterprise with Cisco innovations in network telemetry to help you gain rich insights into the nature of encrypted traffic and stop threats without the need for decryption.

With Encrypted Traffic Analytics you can:

  • Determine how much of your digital business is encrypted
  • Discover which network devices use out-of-date and non-compliant encryption software that make it easier for malware to hide
  • Identify and isolate malicious traffic without decryption



TK Keanini
Distinguished Engineer & Product Line CTO for Analytics


Boosting Efficacy and Efficiency with SaaS Security
Watch On-Demand

Security teams face significant challenges including budget constraints and a lack of trained personnel. Meanwhile numerous point products and noisy security solutions cause security teams to waste time managing their technology and chasing false alarms.

To address these challenges, you need to find a way to make your security team more efficient, your strategy more cost-effective, and your technology more actionable.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security can help you achieve these goals. In this session, you will learn how SaaS and Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud can:

  • Simplify technology deployment and maintenance
  • Provide flexible pricing options
  • Make your security team more efficient
  • Lower security “noise” and false alerts

Bryan Doerr, a Cisco Product Manager has years of experience in cloud-based security, and will discuss how SaaS security can improve your efficiency and overall security posture.


Moving to the cloud, staying compliant, and staying secure
Watch On-Demand

As agencies continue to transition to the cloud it’s more important than ever to stay secure and stay in compliance with your regulatory requirements. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework can guide your security implementation and make sure you use the risk based approach called out in the Cybersecurity Executive Order.

FedRAMP authorized clouds help you be sure that FISMA, NIST and other requirements are met as you enable your agency to use cloud services securely and efficiently. Compliance is important and the NIST Guidelines are great tools but it’s even more important to stay protected!

In this on-deamnd webinar you will learn:

  • How an effective security program can ensure your agency’s cloud migration strategy ensures security at each stage
  • How the NIST Cybersecurity Framework can help you protect your agency and how Cisco security solutions align with the framework
  • Why choosing FedRAMP cloud can help protect your agency and help you meet requirements as you move to cloud applications



Brian J. Tillett
Security Advisory



Peter Romness
Cybersecurity Solutions Lead – US Public Sector CTO Office


A New Way to Look at Cloud Security with Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud

Cisco's recent acquisition of Observable Networks, now called Stealthwatch Cloud. Learn how this strategic addition to Cisco's security portfolio is yielding compelling results by providing security-relevant visibility into network behavior across all topographies with incredible accuracy and very low noise. We discussed how this cloud-native solution is being used to protect traditional networks and cloud environments including AWS VPCs, Azure and others.

This on-demand webinar will address:

  • Intro & Overview
  • Using Modeling for Security
  • Use Cases
  • How to Get Started
  • Demo
  • Review & Questions



John Heintz
John joined Cisco Systems from the recently acquired start-up, Observable Networks. At Observable Networks, he was Director of Solutions Engineering where he was passionate about spreading the gospel of endpoint modeling as a way to improve network security.



Lawrence Hatcher
Cybersecurity Sales Specialist in Cisco's Advanced Threat Solutions Organization. Lawrence joined Cisco via the acquisition of Observable Networks in August 2017, where he led the mid-market sales efforts.


Federal Cybersecurity in a Whole New Era

Cybersecurity is too hard. It is also hard for agencies to find skilled Cyber Defenders for what can be a tedious job. Government systems can be complex and hard to manage and security threats make the job even tougher. Cisco’s architecture-based approach offers effective security that is simple, open and automated. As the company that built the Internet, Cisco can deploy security from the network to the endpoint and cloud that shares information and works together. Fighting the evolving universe of threats with a haphazard collection of solutions from different vendors never works for long. Cisco offers a smarter strategy.

In this free webinar, you will learn how Cisco enables your agency to implement simple, open and automated solutions for ever-improving cyber defense.



Daniel P. Kent, Public Sector Engineering and CTO, Cisco Systems

Doug Cowan, Regional Manager Cisco Security – Federal Civilian, Cisco Systems




Dissecting a Breach: An Incident Responder's Perspective
Watch On-Demand

You know that every second counts when it comes to identifying and managing a data breach. And there is good news: time to detection has declined by almost 12 hours over the last year. Similarly, your IT team needs to act quickly to reduce damage and exposure.

The ability to rapidly analyze information about your data breach is critical. Join us for this webinar to learn from experienced Cisco incident responders who will dissect actual breach response scenarios. 

You'll gain technical and practical insight into actions you can incorporate into your own incident response plans to manage and reduce overall impact an incident.



Matt Aubert
Cisco Security Services, Senior Incident Response Consultant



Juan Romero Jr.
Cisco Security Services, Senior Incident Response Consultant


GDPR: Here's what you absolutely need to know

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline is May 2018, and you already know about the potential non-compliance penalties. Watch this on-demand webinar where we simplfy the regulation and show you a practical approach to compliance. It's not too late.




Lorena Marciano
EMEAR Data Protection & Privacy Officer at Cisco



Steve Caimi
US Public Sector Cybersecurity


Talos Fall Threat Briefing
Watch On-Demand

After analyzing 1.5 million malware samples daily, the Talos team knows a thing or two about threat intelligence. Join us for the latest security threat briefing to learn about what these threat researchers consider to be the most notable threats of the past season. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from Talos Technical Leader Vanja Svajcer. You’ll get a deep dive into how emerging threats work, what adversaries are after, and how you can stop them.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Get a deep dive into the hottest topics in threat intelligence, including what experts have identified as the most prevalent and powerful threats
  • Learn how adversaries have changed their attack strategies
  • Identify best practices your organization can use to protect itself from attacks



Vanja Svajcer
Talos Technical Leader


Intelligent Incident Response

A data breach occurs. Your incident responders move into action to reduce damage and exposure. The ability to coordinate and analyze threat intelligence is a critical tool for incident response teams. In every Cisco incident response investigation, anywhere in the world, a dedicated Talos resource is made available to the incident response team. 

In this on-demand webinar, you will:

  • Hear experts from Cisco’s Talos threat intelligence and Cisco’s Incident Response teams walk you through real-world incidents such as the recent Nyetya attack. 
  • They will show how the integration of response and intelligence worked together to more effectively contain the impact of a cybersecurity event. 
  • You'll learn best practices for integrating threat intelligence with your incident response program.



Sean Mason
Director, Threat Management

Craig Williams.jpgCraig Williams 
Sr. Technical Leader and Global Outreach Manager


IPS Myths Debunked

IPS is stale, legacy technology. NGFWs do everything IPSs do. These are just a couple of the myths that lead many to miss the value dedicated intrusion prevention systems provide to an organization. In fact, IPS devices remain an important part of an effective network security program and critical to mitigate risk and protect against today’s network cyberattacks.

In this on-demand webinar, Rob Ayoub, Research Director at IDC, and Cisco’s Jason Wright dispel these myths, sharing research and insights on:

  • IPS market growth and the drivers behind it
  • The numerous use cases a dedicated IPS can effectively address
  • Key considerations as you integrate IPS within your security architecture


Rob Ayoub, CISSP
Research Director Security Products and Solutions, Networking Security and Security and Vulnerability Management IDC

Jason WrightJason Wright
Sr. Manager, Vertical and Solutions Marketing

A Cybersecurity Buyer's Guide for Industrial Control Networks

Cybersecurity for industrial control networks is NOT the same as IT cybersecurity. And now that some high-profile industrial cyber attacks have been in the news, many traditional IT vendors are pursuing industrial customers without understanding the nature of ICS and it can be hard for industrial organizations to separate fact from marketing fiction.



Marc Blackmer

Cyber Attack Preparedness - Can We Ever Be Ready?

Today’s threat landscape has become far more complicated and dynamic. Trends such as mobility, the cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have expanded the attack surface while cybercriminals continue to become increasingly sophisticated, employing tools that are more difficult to detect and defend against than ever before.

With so much to defend against, how can we ever truly feel prepared? 

Join our Cisco security experts Steve Caimi and Chris Smithee for this live 60-minute webcast to discuss the state of cybersecurity and best practices as organization move from prevention to detection and realize the need for security everywhere. We will also cover the importance of retrospective security for protection before, during and after an attack using tools such as Cisco Stealthwatch and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) 

Tune in to learn how your organization can become more prepared for the next breach with the right frameworks and security tools. Steve and Chris will also answer your questions in real time during the webcast.


  • The state of cybersecurity 
  • A review of best practices
  • Implementing a retrospective security solution using:

               -  Cisco Advanced Malware Protection
               -  Cisco StealthWatch

  • Q&A


Steve Caimi
Industry Solutions Specialist
US Public Sector

Chris Smithee
Program Manager

Breaking Down The Ransomware Attack

Are you prepared if you lose all your critical data? It could be any digital asset, from personal family pictures to sensitive customer records that you couldn’t get back unless you paid a ransom. This kind of attack is called Ransomware and it’s becoming increasingly common.

Ransomware keeps growing in sophistication and adversaries target a wide variety of organizations in many different industries. Your organization could be exposed to Ransomware when employees access compromised websites, open malicious documents or click the wrong link in an email. In most cases, once the data is encrypted, your only method of getting it back is paying the criminals. This can quickly become expensive based on your organization’s level of compromise.

Watch this special webcast focused on Ransomware. Leading the talk will be Nick Biasini from Cisco’s threat research team Talos and Joseph Muniz from the security architecture team.

Why Cisco? Cisco’s threat research team sees thousands of ransomware attacks each day, and offers resources to help organizations protect themselves. Talos recently created a tool to decrypt a specific Ransomware compromise for public use, free of charge.

We will focus on research and best practices to reduce the risk of exposur verses specific products.
Topics include:  
  • An overview of Ransomware
  • Trends for common Ransomware and how attacks have evolved
  • Security considerations to reduce risk of compromise



Joey Muniz
Cisco Security Architect - Americas


Nick Biasini
Talos Outreach

Apologies for the delay...

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are in the process of archiving this webinar. Please check back again soon and visit our home page

¿Cómo prevenir un alto impacto al negocio ante un ataque como WannaCry?
Mantenga protegida su organización de manera proactiva y prevéngase ante ataques de esta magnitud.

En los últimos días escuchamos a través de redes sociales, medios de comunicación y conversaciones del que pudiera ser uno de los peores y más extendidos ataques de malware jamás vistos en el mundo: El ataque de Ransomware "WannaCry".

¿Le queda claro exactamente cómo fue lanzado este ataque y por qué se propagó tan rápido?

¿Comprende bien las vulnerabilidades que se detonaron?

¿Está usted 100% seguro de que puede usted estar protegido si es lanzado nuevamente y vuelve a atacar?

Defina proactivamente una estrategia de seguridad para su negocio y evite que un ataque como el de WannaCry impacte a su negocio generando grandes pérdidas.

Mediante este webinar usted podrá:

  • Definir qué puede hacer su organización para protegerse de ataques futuros.
  • Identificar mejores prácticas para mantener protegida a su organización.
  • Participar en la sesión de preguntas y respuestas en vivo con los expertos. 



Ricardo Marques

Focando no Ransomware: Como manter-se protegido.

Ransomware traz uma perspectiva financeira cada vez mais interessante para os criminosos digitais. Esta ameaça está se espalhando como um incêndio. Junte-se a nós para um webinar gratuito onde iremos explorar o que é Ransomware, como ele se infiltra em um sistema e quais os passos que você deve tomar para proteger a sua organização.

Na abertura ao vivo do evento, Ricardo Marques irá compartilhar a sua perspectiva em relação ao Ransomware. O executivo falará como esta ameaça evoluiu, dar exemplos de ataques notáveis e falar sobre as novas tendências de segurança.

Você terá a oportunidade de conhecer a nova solução de defesa da Cisco para combater o Ransomware em ação. Ricardo Marques orientará sobre o seu funcionamento e a proteção adequada para a sua organização.

Neste webinar gratuito, você irá:

  • Aprender como os adversários estão evoluindo e as suas estratégias de ataque de Ransomware
  • Ver como a Defesa da Cisco de Ransomware oferece visibilidade a sua organização e capacidade de resposta
  • Identificar as melhores práticas para proteger a sua empresa deste tipo de ataque

Participe da nossa sessão de Perguntas & Respostas ao vivo para sanar suas dúvidas específicas e necessidades de sua organização.



Ricardo Marques
AMP Specialist for LATAM

Enfoque en ransomware: Cómo mantenerse protegido.

Ransomware es una perspectiva financiera cada vez mayor para los criminales. Se está extendiendo como el fuego. Únase a nosotros para un seminario web gratuito en el que vamos a explorar lo que es el ransomware, cómo se infiltra en un sistema, y más importantemente —¿qué medidas tiene que tomar para proteger su organización.

La apertura del evento en vivo, Omar Alcala compartirá su perspectiva sobre ransomware. Él va a hablar de cómo ha evolucionado el ransomware, dará ejemplos de ataques notables, y hablará de nuevas tendencias de seguridad.

Continuación obtendrá la oportunidad de ver nuestra nueva solución de defensa de ransomware en acción. Omar Alcala le guiará a través de cómo funciona y qué protección puede ofrecerle a su organización.

En este seminario web gratuito, usted:

  • Aprenderá cómo los adversarios han evolucionado y han reforzado sus estrategias de ataques de ransomware
  • Vea cómo la defensa ransomware de Cisco le da a su organización visibilidad y capacidad de respuesta
  • Identifique las mejores prácticas que su empresa puede utilizar para protegerse de los ataques

Únase a nuestra sesión de preguntas y respuestas en vivo para obtener respuestas a sus preguntas específicas y las necesidades de la organización.


Omar Alcala

IoT: Internet of Terror. Cuando la tecnología es usada en contra de nosotros.

El Internet de las cosas (IoT) es una de las transformaciones más importantes en la tecnología. En la dinámica actual de mercado crea excelentes oportunidades de negocio; sin embargo, al mismo tiempo amplia la plataforma de ataque para los delincuentes cibernéticos.

Conozca cómo puede integrar una arquitectura de seguridad que lo acompañe en esta transformación y evite dejar la puerta abierta a los atacantes.

Participe de este webinar durante el cual usted podrá:

  • Definir una estrategia de protección para el IoT.
  • Integrar una arquitectura de seguridad simple, abierta y efectiva.
  • Minimizar el riesgo de manera ágil



Omar Alcala Ruiz



Combata as Ameaças de Segurança na Nuvem com CloudLock CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker)

Gartner elegeu o CASB como a tecnologia número 1 em segurança da informação em 2016. Por que colocar a segurança da nuvem em primeiro lugar? Porque hoje as ameaças cibernéticas mais avançadas tem como alvo os indivíduos, os aplicativos que eles utilizam e os dados que eles acessam. Manter a sua empresa sob controle significa entender, abraçar e proteger a nuvem.

Nesta sessão você ira:

  • Aprender sobre os principais riscos de segurança cibernética que estão a sua volta
  • Identificar as principais ameaças cibernéticas do seu ambiente de nuvem
Manter-se confiante para responder a pergunta do CISO: Como a minha empresa fica segura na nuvem?



Ricardo Marques
Gerente de Soluciones Avanzadas

¿Cuál es mi estrategia de seguridad, detectar o remediar?

La adopción de una nube segura en un ambiente tan cambiante puede ayudarle a manejar la seguridad de su empresa, negocios y usuarios.

Acompañenos de este webinar durante el cual usted podrá:

  • Bloquear las amenazas antes de que sucedan.
  • Proteger a los usuarios, datos y aplicaciones en cualquier lugar a donde vayan.
  • Conocer como contar con una nube segura que evite impacto en la productividad.



Antonio Ramirez Macedo
Gerente de Soluciones Avanzadas

¿Seguridad en la Nube? Enfrente las amenazas con CloudLock CASB de Cisco.

Gartner nombró a CASB la tecnología de seguridad de la información # 1 en 2016.  ¿Por qué es la número uno?. Actualmente las amenazas cibernéticas más avanzadas se dirigen a los datos que las personas proporcionan para acceder a los diferentes tipos aplicaciones. Mantener a su organización bajo control significa entender, abrazar y asegurar la nube.

Si usted es nuevo o está familiarizado con CloudLock, únase a esta sesión para aprender cómo Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) puede ayudar a  proteger los datos y usuarios en la nube.

Durante estas sesiones usted podrá:

  • Conocer los principales riesgos de seguridad cibernética que pueden afectar su organización.
  • Identifique las principales amenazas cibernéticas en el entorno dentro de la nube.
  • Prepárese para contestar con confianza a su CISO: "¿Cómo puede mi compañía permanecer segura en la nube?"



Jaime Villegas Nunez

Combatiendo las Amenazas Internas –Protegiendo su Agencia de Adentro hacia Afuera

Cuando Edward Snowden filtró información clasificada a los medios principales, trajo consigo los peligros representados por las amenazas internas a la consciencia pública y no sin un propósito. Las agencias de hoy en día se están ahogando en el temor que rodea a los ataques cibernéticos sofisticados, pero tal vez, el tipo de ataque más preocupante es la amenaza interna. De acuerdo a Forrester, el abuso por los maliciosos internos llega hasta el 25% de las brechas de información.  

Aprenda acerca de las mejores prácticas y tecnologías que debería estar implementando ahora para evitar convertirse en la próxima víctima de un ataque de alto perfil.  

  • Manténgase al tanto de los diferentes tipos de ataques de amenazas internas, incluyendo sus motivos y métodos de ataque.
  • Entienda porque las herramientas de seguridad convencionales como firewalls, antivirus y IDS/IPS no cuentan con el poder para enfrentar la amenaza interna
  • Entérese de las diferentes tecnologías, las políticas y las mejores prácticas que deben colocarse en sitio para ayudarle a detectar y frustrar las amenazas internas
  • Descubra como los network logs, particularmente NetFlow, pueden utilizarse para monitorear rentablemente las conductas sospechosas internas que pudieran indicar un ataque
  • Conozca acerca de los métodos de ataque emergente tales como muleware que podría agravar los ataques internos en los próximos años


Gerardo Carrion


Combatendo as ameaças internas – Proteja a sua empresa de dentro para fora.

Quando Edward Snowden vazou informações sigilosas para as mídias de massa, os perigos produzidos pelas ameaças internas vieram à tona do conhecimento público, e com razão. Atualmente, as agências estão preocupadas com os sofisticados cyber-ataques, porém também com o pior tipo de ameaça que existe – a ameaça interna. De acordo com a Forrester, abuso por parte de membros internos da empresa representam 25% das violações de dados. Saiba mais sobre as melhores práticas e tecnologias que devem ser implementadas para evitar que você seja a próxima vítima de um ataque. 

  • Conheça os diferentes tipos de ameaças internas, incluindo seus motivos e métodos de ataque
  • Entenda por que as ferramentas convencionais de segurança, como o firewalls, antivirus e IDS/IPS são poderosas no combate às ameaças internas
  • Obtenha conhecimento nas várias tecnologias, políticas e melhores práticas que devem ser coladas em prática para ajudar na detecção e impedir ameaças internas
  • Descubra como os logs de rede, particularmente o NetFlow, podem ser usados para monitorar de forma econômica os comportamentos internos suspeitos que poderiam indicar um ataque
  • Conheça os métodos de ataque emergentes, como o malware, que podem aumentar ainda mais as ameaças internas nos próximos anos



Ricardo Marques
Gerente de Soluções de Segurança Avançadas

Internet: Amigo ou Inimigo? As ameaças que chegam pela Rede e por E-mail

Com a quantidade crescente de informações disponíveis por e-mail e na Internet, o potencial de vazamento e comprometimento de dados nunca foi tão grande.
O ultimo relatório anual de segurança da Cisco aponta que o E-mail é o maior vetor de ameças para ataques digitais. Esses ataques têm o objetivo de distribuir malware que se infiltra nos data centers onde dados comerciais confidenciais de alto valor são armazenados. As defesas tradicionais, incluindo firewalls e soluções de antivírus de endpoint, não conseguem bloquear esses tipos de ataques.

Para enfrentar esses desafios, as organizações de hoje precisam de uma solução que forneça segurança em camadas para e-mail e web. Veja durante esse webinar, como as soluções de segurança de conteúdo da Cisco podem ajudá-lo a:

  • Manter o Foco na ameaça – Com proteção de e-mail e web de alta disponibilidade contra o ataques cada vez mais sofisticados e dinâmicos.
  • Garantir Alto desempenho – Por apresentar uma defesa em camadas, em um único dispositivo. Ele rapidamente bloqueia novas ameaças enviadas por e-mail e web.
  • Obter Inovação contínua – A segurança de e-mail e web da Cisco oferece as opções de implementação mais completas do setor. Com redução de custos e gerenciamento mais simples, integração mais rápida e sem complexidade. 



Ricardo Marques
Gerente de Soluções de Segurança Avançadas



Cisco Secure Data Center Summer Webinar Series: An Overview

Sam Rastogi, Cisco Product Marketing Manager, takes you through the following:

  • Overview of key trends and security challenges facing today’s modern data center
  • Learn about Cisco’s vision, strategy, and new security architecture for the modern data center to enable workload protection across physical data centers to multi-cloud environments
  • Find out how Cisco’s Data Center Security enables you to gain greater visibility, segmentation, and threat protection



Sam Rastogi
Product Marketing Manager


Cisco Secure Data Center Solution Architecture and Use Cases

Jamey Heary, Distinguished Systems Architect, covers the following:

  • Secure Data Center Architecture & Technology Deep Dive and unique product integrations
  • See how these solutions work in action
  • Understanding the solution through real world use cases by reviewing actual customer scenarios that show how to introduce automation, reduce complexity and increase agility



Jamey Heary
Distinguished Systems Architect​


Secure your data center workloads wherever they go: a Tetration overview and demo

Nirali Desai, Product Management and Tim Garner, Technical Marketing Engineer, take you through an overview and demo of Tetration:

  • Learn about new innovations around application analytics and behavior-analysis algorithms for greater insight into application workloads and automated whitelist policy for segmentation
  • Find out how you can develop strategies for securing your applications and workloads – everywhere… while achieving cloud workload protection with Cisco Tetration
  • See how Cisco Tetration can simplify your operations and enable a zero-trust model


Nirali Desai
Product Management

Craig Williams.jpgTim Garner 
Technical Marketing Engineer

Secure Data Center: A First Look at the Cisco Validated Design

Albra Welch, Security Solutions Architect, walks you through a first look at the Cisco Validated Design of the Secure Data Center:

  • Hear from Cisco Security experts on Cisco’s Secure Data Center Reference Architecture and Validated Design
  • Learn how to create operational efficiency with flexible, integrated security. Learn how to secure business workflows against threats
  • Learn best practices for data center protection that keeps your data center more secure and your business more productive



Albra Welch
Security Solutions Architect​


Securing Multicloud and Hybrid Networks with Stealthwatch Cloud

The accelerating pace of innovation is driving cloud adoption, and many organizations are operating with multiple cloud infrastructures in addition to their on-premises network. Unfortunately, gaining visibility and properly protecting these diverse environments is difficult, often requiring excessive time spent hunting through logs and manually correlating events.

Enter Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud, which collects data from multiple cloud and on-prem infrastructures to provide a unified security view across your entire IT surface. Plus, Stealthwatch Cloud applies advanced modeling and machine learning to this data to quickly identify threat activity.

Bryan Doerr, head product manager of Stealthwatch Cloud and former CEO of Observable Networks discusses:

  • The challenges of numerous data sources from multicloud and hybrid environments
  • The pace of change in the cloud, and how it complicates security
  • How Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud can make your security team more efficient and effective



Bryan Doerr


Defendemos su red de la criptominería

Los autores de amenazas están utilizando la criptominería ilícita de modo creciente como una fuente de ingresos sencilla. La criptominería es la producción de moneda virtual —también conocida como criptomoneda—, como Bitcoin y Monero. Se obtiene a expensas del rendimiento del sistema y del consumo de energía. Además, los autores de amenazas se están infiltrando en las redes y utilizando los recursos de los computadores de sus víctimas para realizar este trabajo. En este webinar le explicamos cómo defender su organización de la criptominería ilícita con el portafolio de seguridad de Cisco.



Jaeson Schultz es Líder Técnico del Grupo de Investigación e Inteligencia de Seguridad de Cisco Talos. Jaeson tiene más de 25 años de experiencia en seguridad de la información. Su experiencia va desde hardware hacking, hasta el análisis de registros y la recomendación de políticas de seguridad, para frustrar el uso indebido de protocolos de capa de aplicaciones de Internet como DNS, HTTP y SMTP. Antes de trabajar en Seguridad de la Información, Jaeson estudió Ciencias de la Computación en la Universidad de Nevada en Las Vegas. Jaeson también posee actualmente una licencia de radio Amateur Extra de la FCC con el distintivo de llamada K8YJO. 



Another Day, Another Data Breach

By now you have probably heard the importance of investing in security. You may have some concerns surrounding Ransomware threats or unauthorized bitcoin mining using your precious network resources. Maybe you also find it difficult keeping up with compliance and mandatory requirements. The big questions are, where do you begin and what is the right investment for YOU?

Join Cisco to hear a few key recommendations that can dramatically improve your security and incident response capabilities, regardless of the threat. Topics include where and why to refresh certain technology over others, the importance of validating existing capabilities with breach detection, and how to gain visibility across all areas of the network, cloud and endpoint without deploying thousands of appliances or agents. 

This will be a best practice, capabilities focused conversation vs. a specific product deep dive. All provided by the author of SOC and Digital Forensics titles for Cisco Press, Joseph Muniz.



Joey Muniz
Technical Solutions Architect, Cybersecurity

New survey reveals 3 key takeaways for network & endpoint security

Nearly 80% of organizations are manually correlating threat telemetry from network and endpoint security systems to make decisions, and report that much of the time it is impossible to use, yet feel their security architecture is integrated and automated. A security architecture that relies on manual processes for detection and prevention is not a scalable one. This is just one of the topics we’ll cover in this webinar.

We reviewed a survey of more than 100 IT professionals addressing security effectiveness and discuss:

  • What projects are in place, and how they are handling threat telemetry from various sources
  • The impact of combined network and endpoint threat telemetry
  • How automating threat telemetry correlation reduces detection time

Watch on-demand this informative webinar with Forrester Research analyst Chris Sherman, hosted by Cisco.


Chris Sherman
Senior Analyst Serving Security
& Risk Professionals


Joe Malenfant
Product Marketing Manager,
Endpoint Security



Can your firewall do that?

A firewall is an essential component of your overall cybersecurity ecosystem. But most firewalls focus only on prevention, and don't integrate seamlessly with the rest of your security tools.

What if your firewall could do more? What if it could…

  • Automate breach prevention using world-class threat intelligence
  • Stop threats fast with deep visibility and advanced security capabilities
  • Save time and automate security operations using an integrated architecture
  • Let you take control with flexible management and deployment options

Watch our on-demand webinar for an overview of the Cisco Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). We’ll showcase the firewall’s best-of-breed capabilities and how it is integrated with the rest of the Cisco security ecosystem.



Brian Remmel
Product Marketing Manager
Cisco Security Business

A Modern Look at Security Analytics

Security analytics is all about collecting, aggregating and analyzing data with a goal of detecting threats as fast as possible. When implemented well, it automates the functions of the incident responder, security analyst, threat hunter and anyone else involved in maintaining business continuity and compliance by fighting cybercrime.

The basics of implementing a robust security analytics strategy are changing. Data sources are growing in number, and fifty percent of internet traffic is now encrypted – and counting. As attacks evolve, it’s important to supplement traditional security analytics with techniques such as machine learning. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be another pitch on the advent of AI and ML!

Join TK Keanini, Distinguished Engineer at Cisco, to learn:

  • What is security analytics and how is it different from other analytics?
  • What does it mean to live in the age of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?
  • Trends and changes that will shape the future
  • How to develop and deliver superior security analytics outcomes

Are you looking to establish a strategic framework as you develop a security analytics architecture for your business? If so, this session is for you.



TK Keanini
Distinguished Engineer &
Product Line CTO for Analytics

Cisco Security

Las Mejores Prácticas Para Asegurar O365: Correo Electrónico, Usuarios, Datos y Aplicaciones

La historia continúa, el incremento  de los ciberataques  en el mundo  y la sofisticación de los mismos   exigen  mejorar la seguridad de Office 365 . Esta es una preocupación para muchos de Ustedes.

Por esta razón , el 50% de los clientes de Office 365 contarán con herramientas de seguridad de terceros para el año 2021, según Gartner. Al adoptar aplicaciones Office 365 como Exchange Online, SharePoint y OneDrive, es necesario proporcionar seguridad adicional para proteger a los usuarios, sus cuentas y correo electrónico, y los datos confidenciales de la organización. 

Cisco ofrece seguridad y control incomparables de correo electrónico y aplicaciones en la nube para mejorar la postura de seguridad de los clientes de Office 365.



Manuel Berrocal es Ingeniero de Sistemas de Consultoría para Ciberseguridad en Cisco Systems. Está enfocado en ayudar a los clientes a asegurar su transformación digital y brindar experiencia técnica en la arquitectura de seguridad cibernética de Cisco. Manuel también posee las designaciones CISSE y CCIE Emeritus. 

Unlocking the Security Potential of Your Network

The attack surface is growing. By 2020, it’s estimated that 1 million devices will go online every hour - creating numerous attack vectors. Meanwhile, 85 percent of victims don’t realize they have been attacked for weeks or longer. 

One of your greatest security assets is your network. Are you using it? Learn how Cisco Network Security Analytics can help you unlock the power of your greatest investment – the enterprise network – to address these security challenges.

Join this session to learn how security woven into the network provides:

  • Visibility to know what is happening and detect threats
  • Insight to create strong segmentation policies
  • Control to defend your assets



Andrew Akers
Product Marketing Manager
Cisco Security

What you can’t see CAN hurt you – and other network horror stories

Ransomware, DDoS attacks, insider threats – oh my! When it comes to cybersecurity, there is no shortage of nightmare scenarios. But out of everything that goes bump in the night, nothing tops the threat you didn’t know was there. 

As the witching hour approaches, join us around the (virtual) fire as we tell some of the scariest and most interesting cybersecurity stories involving difficult-to-detect, real-life threats found using Cisco Stealthwatch. 

In this session, we will cover: 

  • Real-world examples of hard-to-find threats, spanning multiple industries
  • How they were detected with Cisco Stealthwatch
  • How network behavioral analysis and anomaly detection can help you identify elusive threats 



Andrew Akers
Product Marketing Manager
Cisco Security

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