Demo Friday: Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Simplify the time-consuming process of managing your security with Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO). Learn how CDO cuts through complexity, allowing you to orchestrate and manage security policies across multiple Cisco security products in distributed locations, all from a single cloud-based interface.

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Demo Friday: New Features Improve Email Security

Watch this demo to learn about the exciting new Cisco Email Security features. One such feature is AMP Unity, a dashboard within the Advanced Malware Protection console in which customers can connect the endpoint, network and cloud email for the fastest threat correlation and a view of the global trajectory of all files. In this demo you will also get a preview of the next generation user interface designed for security and non-security experts alike.

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Demo Friday: Advanced Malware Protection

To be truly protected, organizations need to see and stop threats on every operating system on every endpoint deployed throughout their IT ecosystem. They also need increased visibility beyond the endpoint to protect against threats that attack via email, web, and the network. Watch this demo of the Cisco Security Connector that provides visibility into iOS, and how Cisco Endpoint Security is integrated with capabilities on email, web and network to help you prevent, detect, and respond to attacks more efficiently and effectively.

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Demo Friday: Cisco Firepower NGFW

Today's cyberattacks are more sophisticated than ever. While these threats have evolved, many organizations are stuck using yesterday’s security tools. It’s time to explore Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). In this demonstration, our security experts show how Firepower NGFW can help you automate breach prevention, stop threats fast, and save time and automate network and security operations.

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