Demo Friday: Using Syncurity IR-Flow SOAR Platform to Contain and Identify Threats Faster with Cisco Security

(Live Webinar October 19, 2018 at 1:00pm Eastern Time / 10:00am Pacific Time)

The combination of Cisco AMP for Endpoints, Threat Grid and Umbrella provide compelling protection and visibility into your organization’s cyber risk. But adversaries are stealth, and are not always easy to spot. We’ll demo how the Syncurity IR Flow SOAR platform integrates to these key Cisco Security solutions; by checking AMP for Endpoints for presence of a suspicious file, sending the file to Threat Grid for analysis, extracting IOCs from that analysis and updating blocks for URLs in Umbrella, to accelerate the Triage and Containment/Remediation in the SOC.

Demo Friday: Exploring Cisco's Advanced Malware Analysis System

(Live Webinar October 12, 2018 at 1:00pm Eastern Time / 10:00am Pacific Time)

Join us as Ben Greenbaum from Cisco’s Advanced Threat Solutions Group gives a demonstration of Threat Grid’s features and capabilities, with a focus on new features enabled by the Cisco Threat Response integration platform. You will gain understanding of the file analysis and malware threat intelligence platform that provides Cisco’s entire security portfolio with up to the minute threat information derived from deep examination and dissection of captured malware.



Demo Friday: Better Visibility and Greater Control with Cisco Security Connector & Meraki Systems Manager

(Live Webinar October 5, 2018 at 1:00pm Eastern Time / 10:00am Pacific Time)

Although iOS is designed to be safe, the internet is not. Employees can easily fall victim to phishing links or simply mistype a URL: versus For the first time ever, businesses can now protect iOS users from dangers on the internet. Join us for a demo to discover how Cisco Security Connector works hand-in-hand with Meraki Systems Manager to gain visibility into network traffic on iOS devices and block connections to malicious sites, wherever users go.



Demo Friday: Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Simplify the time-consuming process of managing your security with Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO). Learn how CDO cuts through complexity, allowing you to orchestrate and manage security policies across multiple Cisco security products in distributed locations, all from a single cloud-based interface.

Watch On-Demand.

Demo Friday: New Features Improve Email Security

Watch this demo to learn about the exciting new Cisco Email Security features. One such feature is AMP Unity, a dashboard within the Advanced Malware Protection console in which customers can connect the endpoint, network and cloud email for the fastest threat correlation and a view of the global trajectory of all files. In this demo you will also get a preview of the next generation user interface designed for security and non-security experts alike.

Watch On-Demand.

Demo Friday: Advanced Malware Protection

To be truly protected, organizations need to see and stop threats on every operating system on every endpoint deployed throughout their IT ecosystem. They also need increased visibility beyond the endpoint to protect against threats that attack via email, web, and the network. Watch this demo of the Cisco Security Connector that provides visibility into iOS, and how Cisco Endpoint Security is integrated with capabilities on email, web and network to help you prevent, detect, and respond to attacks more efficiently and effectively.

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Demo Friday: ASA with FirePOWER Services Next-Generation Firewall

Advanced attacks need advanced defenses. Learn how the Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services NGFW combines our proven network firewall with the industry’s most effective next-gen IPS and advanced malware protection.

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Demo Friday: Deep Visibility Across the Network with Stealthwatch

Learn how you can eliminate dangerous network blind spots with the comprehensive network visibility and security intelligence provided by Cisco Stealthwatch. With its advanced insight, you can greatly improve incident response, forensics and compliance, while helping to prevent devastating data loss.

See how to remove dangerous network blind spots with comprehensive network visibility & security intelligence with Cisco Stealthwatch.

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